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Causes of Mild Strokes You Need to Beware of

The cause of a mild stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is basically the same as a stroke in general. This condition occurs due to reduced blood supply to the brain due to blood clots that block the blood vessels of the brain. Want to know what factors can increase a person's risk of having a mild stroke? Let's look at the following review! In the case of TIA, blockage of blood flow occurs only briefly and the blood supply will return to normal before there is damage to the brain. This is why, mild stroke symptoms that appear only last a few minutes to several hours. The blockage is usually caused by a blood clot or plaque (atherosclerosis) that blocks blood flow to the brain. Apart from plaque or blood clots, blockage of cerebral blood flow can also occur due to air bubbles or air embolism in brain blood vessels. Although it can improve by itself, this mild stroke still needs medical treatment as soon as possible. If left untreated, a mild stroke can potentially cau
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Recognize the signs of intestinal worms in children and how to overcome them

As a parent, it is very important to recognize the signs of intestinal worms in children. This is because intestinal worms are a contagious disease which is still a health problem for the people of Indonesia, especially in children. Worms often occur in children aged 5-10 years. Although this disease can be overcome by administering worm medication, the possibility of recurrence of this infection remains vulnerable, especially if no precautions are taken. Signs of Worms in Children You Need to Know Sticking worm eggs on a child's hands or feet accidentally, which is then swallowed and entered the body, is one of the most common ways of transmitting worm infections in children. Most cases of intestinal worms can not show a serious sign. But in some conditions, there are distinctive signs of intestinal worms that can be recognized, namely: Itching around the anus, especially at night. Restless or uncomfortable during sleep, because it often scratches around the anus. Easily

Work Health and Safety Can Begin with the Following

One of the fundamental rights for workers in Indonesia that must be held is protection of occupational health and safety. The implementation of the protection of the problem above is the responsibility of all parties, including the government, companies, and the community. The implementation of occupational health and safety must be cultivated to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases. This is in line with the rules issued by the International Labor Organization or International Labor Organization (ILO). This is a concern because there are still high mortality rates due to accidents and illnesses related to work. Participate in Suppressing Work Accidents Based on international data from the ILO, it was found that there are more than 300 million accidents occurring at work each year. In addition, there are 2.3 million deaths per year due to illness or injury caused by work. In Indonesia, the construction sector contributes as much as 30% of the total accidents experience